Paolo Maria Deanesi Gallery



Born in 1983 in Riva del Garda (TN), Italy. Lives and works in Arco (TN), Italy.

The pictorial photography of Michele Parisi consists in a look through an opaque glass. The artist, using ancient techniques and marginal subjects, aims to communicate a vision in which every form is undefined.  This kind of approach to the vision can be considered as a reaction to the state of contemporary images. Pictures with characteristics of simplicity, ubiquity and exposure, that lead paradoxically to indistinct an homogenization. Parisi, through an aesthetics of the old and the blurred, tries to obtain an opposite effect: a new virginity of the gaze, an authentic connection with reality. The challenge is to fix the image in the precise moment in which it is disappearing or in moment of its creation, between presence and absence, Our eyes become the shutter, our mind the darkroom, waiting for the morning of a real view.

Gabriele Salvaterra