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Born in 1973 in Munich, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Drawing is Ulrich Vogl’s medium, he enjoys the experimental and open character of drawing. Vogl experiments with different concepts of time, the altering nature of objects, the use of everyday materials and the physical interaction with people and with space. After a period of experimentation the result of Vogl’s drawings become very specific and deliberate. For the last three years Vogl has been working with mirrors, their reflections and drawings on glass. On other occasions he draws directly on a wall, an escalator, found boxes etc. Some are dramatic and loud, intentionally because this is what people least expect from drawing. Others are very simple and quiet and may have a solemn undertone. Many are playful, not for the sake of it, but as a way to draw people in and give them the possibility to interact with the work and as a result this response creates a level of enjoyment for Vogl.

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