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Born in Genova (Italy) in 1985, lives and works in Genova (Italy).

With his still lifes, a contemporary and conceptually overturned version of the vanitas vanitatum subject, Luca Pianella really causes amazement: he chooses objects that would never draw anyone’s attention, as crumpled and rusty cans, and represents them with a very precise and intense mark that, in time, seems even more and more imbued with dark graphite. Things become only a black simulacrum of what they were. Even the shadow casted by the objects disappears till it perfectly corresponds with the objects themselves, as they could take upon themselves their own projection, sucking and holding it back. The blinding brightness of the space surrounding the objects points out the alter ego of things. These objects seem fluctuate in a metaphysical dimension, as they were set in the absolute vacuum of the white paper. By representing the enigmatic and mysterious face of his objects, Luca Pianella focuses his attention on the dark side of life that belongs to the world and, consequently, to the inner life of everyone.

Daniela Ferrari


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