Paolo Maria Deanesi Gallery


Born in 1983 in Trento, Italy. Lives and works in Trento, Italy.

He took a diploma in piano and contemporary music at the Accademia Internazionale TEMA in Milan. In parallel with his musical studies he began to explore various artistic media, including video, sculpture and installation. His works investigate the element of sound (music and noise, rhythm and silence) while not necessarily presenting it as something that can be heard part in the work itself. The archetypal shape of the metronome, the figures of the pianist Glenn Gould and the saxophonist Charlie Parker and the piano and its infinite possibilities of timbre are all used as starting points for the development of series of works in which the reference to the symbology of alchemy and to symbolic geometry appears constant. Most recently, Mazzonelli’s practice is especially concerned with sound as an “event,” or as the raw material of a new autonomous language that is free of any specific references to the dynamics of music. It’s a new research methodology in which the sound object is observed from different angles, and thus open to infinite readings.

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