Paolo Maria Deanesi Gallery


Arnold Mario Dall'O

Born in 1960 in Bolzano, Italy. Lives and works in Merano, Italy.

Combination an permutation: the sober pleasure of rationally ordered thinking – the more disjointed the individual elements, the more widely dispersed are they in the picture, and the more strictly ordered is the whole. The symbols of the composite picture, however, show the elements of the condices and the relefant thesauri: as selected entries from the lexica of the codices and symbols, both singly and serially, they leave a constantly renewed trail of memory in a syntagmatic linking of the constantly renewed image. The picture becomes – analogously to the text, which dialogically refracts and contradicts other voices – a preface and a reflex, a subjective echo chamber of collective memory.

Elmar Locher

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